Tips For Insta-Greatness


One of the biggest mistakes we see on Instagram profiles is the over use of filters. That's right -- when you go to post a photo and click the 'next' button and want to get fancy with a fun filter or have a favorite filter app on your phone that "brightens" or "makes it look better". We have totally been victims of over-filtering and have helped hundreds of our clients realize that most of the time, it does more damage to your photos than good. 

Instagram is an amazing platform that was created to make the everyday person feel like a photographer. In fact, it has actually made people go into photography as their profession because of how quickly you can learn about taking photos through using the app. You can figure out what kinds of pictures perform the best and generate the most engagement (likes, comments, reposts) and you can learn what your photography "style" is. Below, we are sharing our top 3 tips for creating an amazing Instagram Profile and Feed. These tips have helped our clients grow their businesses on Instagram because they are posting content that their customers want to see. 

1. Don't use filters - filters have a way of killing the resolution of a photo, even if it was just taken with your iPhone. If you do want to brighten or clean up a photo, you can do that without changing the entire overall picture. Use Instagram's own photo editing tool! Open your Instagram app, upload a photo from your phone, click 'Edit', and be able to instantly adjust the photo's brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness and more. This is a new feature Instagram has added, so you might not be familiar with it. Check out the screen shots below of the new Instagram Editing Features. 

insta edit 1.PNG

2.  The brighter the photos, the better. If you are taking a photo with the intention of adding it to your Instagram, stage it so that your product or focus point is in natural light or in a well-lit space. It is a proven fact that brighter photos perform better on all social media. You will start to notice that the photos you take in great lighting will need the least amount of editing. Quick tip: Taking photos outside or near a window in the early morning between 7-9 AM and evening between 7-8 PM are known as the 'Golden Hours' of photo taking. 

3. Captions: Keep it short and sweet. There is no limit to the number of characters you can use in your captions/comments on Instagram, which can be great if you want to tell your life story; but we wouldn't recommend doing that for the sake of, well, everyone. Though there is a time and a place for posting long narratives and stories that go along with your pictures on Instagram, it's important to remember that these days, people typically have a short attention span and are mostly using Instagram to browse through photos, not read long articles. One of Instagram's key purposes is to drive people to a website/blog/Youtube channel, etc. Think about successful food bloggers you might follow. They might post an amazingly delicious photo of their latest cooking creation and use a small caption underneath that describes what it is and encourage you to click elsewhere to get the recipe. Make sense? When thinking about your social media, always remember that for business, we use it to leverage our website views, online sales, walk-in business and to raise brand/company awareness. So every time you post something, you should have the hidden motive to do just that. 

Sydney Robinson