Print Ads VS Facebook Ads


Posting on Facebook to a limited audience without using Facebook ads, is like putting an ad in a magazine that has no readers. What is the point of creating quality content that will receive no reach or engagement? Though there are strategies to organically grow your following, it takes a lot less time and not as much money as you might think to advertise on Facebook and Instagram. Here's the truth on Facebook ads today: they are as inexpensive as they will ever be right now. If you have ever paid for any kind of print advertising, odds are you spent too much and were bought into the publication's "analytics" that said your ad was going to be seen XXX amount of times by your target audience and you were left to wonder, "But how do they even know that? How do they gauge exactly who saw my ad?" Newsflash: they don't. Just because a magazine has a number of subscribers does not mean your ad is getting seen by all of those subscribers. 

Have you ever considered where people's attention is when they're in a waiting room, in an airport, in line for lunch, at a coffee shop, even during commercials (the most expensive form of advertising!) you guessed it! Their attention is on their phones and more than likely on social media. This is such an important thing to note; most people's attention is not scanning through ads in a magazine or newspaper. People would rather be checking their Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter feeds. They would rather be reading about fashion trends from a fashion blogger than in a magazine. It's just a fact. 

Facebook is the largest social media platform with over 2 billion monthly active users. Facebook advertising can reach more people in more places and allow smaller businesses to reach more customers far outside their local area. Using Facebook ads, you can target by demographic, interests, job titles, and so much more. What print publication do you know that allows you to target an audience that specifically?

With all of that said, I am not trying to say print is 100% dead and all print ads are a waste of time and money. I am just speaking from a place of experience. When I have clients that approach me with a local or national publication, where the cost for an eighth of a page is $1000, and the number of people they can reach with that is very unknown/unclear from the ad sales person, this is what I show them: 

An example of a Facebook Ad and the number of reach for choosing to spend $1,000. 

An example of a Facebook Ad and the number of reach for choosing to spend $1,000. 

Facebook does not make these numbers up. Not much can beat their data and analytics system. And if you’re trying to drive viewers of your ad to your website, what better place to do that than an online ad that allows them to click to it straight from the ad itself? 

Where will you choose to advertise?