Facebook Marketplace For Business


We’re sure you’ve checked out Facebook Marketplace by now, and maybe have sold or bought something on this fantastic shopping/selling platform, but if you are a business that sells product, did you know that it can actually be an awesome avenue to sell more products in your local area?

  • When people are scanning their Marketplace feeds, they are likely in the shopping mindset. Just like browsing through a shopping catalog they are searching through the platform more than likely wanting to make a purchase. This is important to note because when you post your products straight to your Facebook page, people aren’t always in a shopping state of mind when scrolling through their Facebook or Instagram feeds.

  • It is easily accessible on Mobile devices.  A report shows that 53.9% of commerce sales since 2017 were on mobile devices.

  • Facebook Marketplace allows you to see products in your area or within a specified radius of your location

  • Since Facebook Marketplace is on Facebook, as a seller you are given a great opportunity to interact with customers and potential customers directly.

  • It allows consumers to request information or ask questions directly to the seller making customer service easy peasy!

  • Marketplace allows your product to be linked to either your personal page or your business page which builds trust with a potential customer. They are able to see what exactly you are selling, that your business is legitimate, and check out your reviews on your business Facebook page.

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Sydney Robinson